It seems that all the hard work is done. You found the right design, spent days perfecting the content - uploading photos, polishing your texts. Your website is finally ready. Now what?
Over the years we've showed you how to create a great websitesqueeze the most out of it and much more. Nevertheless, creating a great website is only the first step of maintaining an engaging online presence.

Go further

Combine the best tools!A good website can go a long way - it attracts new customers, impresses the existing ones and sets you apart from the competition. If done right, your site could even crawl to the top search results in Google, generating hundreds if not thousands of new pageviews every day.

However, a great company website is only one of the online channels. Customers have been moving rapidly to the social spheres of the Internet (Facebook, Twitter). In these networks your anonymus visitor suddenly transforms into a human being with a name and a face, eager to ask questions, suggest new ideas and complain over problems. So if you think your company would benefit from these personal contacts, go for it!

Remember though, that opening a new channel always means more work - talking to your customers via Twitter or keeping an eye over your Facebook account can quickly turn into a full-time job. A deserted Facebook or Twitter page with hundreds of complaints and questions unanswered is worse than having no account at all. 

Stop. Collaborate. Listen.

Passively waiting for new tweets to pour in shouldn't be the only way of engaging with your customer base. Every now and then take half a day off and ask your die-hard customers about your website. Do they get stuck somewhere? Is there any valuable info missing? Send an e-mail, do some quick calls - whatever works for you.

Is it worth it? Oh yes! Some of the best insights about have come from our very own customers who are in no way serious usability or design experts. And that's the point. You build your website for your customers, not for yourself.

The other guys

The last point might sound very obvious for many but it's amazing how often different companies overlook this simple tip: keep an eye on the competition. See what their websites are all about, how they engage with their customers online. There's absolutely no shame of getting inspiration and ideas from your peers  - you might even take some of the best practices to another level.

So there it is in a nutshell: always be exploring. Building an awesome website with Edicy is just the first step.

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