Rait Parts in EdicyLast week I introduced Elor, our business developmet manager. Equally important role in engaging Edicy users is covered by Rait Parts, our community manager.

Joining Edicy back in January, Rait has since taken over the community support and translation management. He's also keeping his eye (and answering) on blogosphere, social media and web on the topics relevant to Edicy. The long term goal for Rait is creating a helpful and engaging ecosystem for both users and designers and developers around Edicy.

Prior to bringing his talent aboard, Rait was (again) helping, guiding, assisting people — but in a series of rather different worlds. His past experiences include running a classy hostel on the outskirts of Estonia's biggest marshlands. Working on nature conservation and recreation management at State Forest Management Centre. Helping out at conservation volunteering headquarters, being part of the World Cleanup initiative.

Oh, I forgot to mention he's actually a glass designer. And an architect. And a brilliant (and properly schooled) chef. And...

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