Although Edicy is an all-in-one package including both web editor and hosting, we now also offer downloading your site to publish it anywhere you want - it could be another hosting company, your own private server or maybe you just want to have a personal back-up of your site.
Everything is neatly packed in a ZIP-file which includes all the pictures, design and texts of your site in static HTML format. You can then upload the contents to any web server in the world. Downloading your site is a new exclusive Pro feature available for all Edicy Pro users.

This week also saw a lot of bugcrushing: we fixed the upload tool, link tool and smoothed out other small bumps in our code. Also, say hello to a new design - Dakar is a new light design ready to make your contents shine on the internet.

Complete release notes:

  • Edicy Pro functionality to Download site
  • Added template Dakar
  • Improved link tool for better in-site link handling
  • Improved error messaging on creating new page
  • Fixed media up-loader for Flash 10
  • Fixed sitemap.xml to list only published pages
  • Fixed blog excerpt and body formating in RSS feed
  • Fixed google analytics being active in edit mode
  • Fixed showing Delete and View links on media thumbnails without flash

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  • Oreita Nov 02

    Wow, you guys rock! But seriously, how is Edicy free? I mean, others are charging a fee, why not you? Oh, don't get me wrong, Edicy is a dream come true, but how are you guys able to pay your bills if we, the clients, are not paying you? I know, a lot of questions and I don't mean to sound like Debbie downer, but what's the catch? All right, no more questions, I just want to give you guys a Big Shout Out for creating Edicy. I'm going to create my photography site on here. I just saw your link on Facebook and thought, "Whoa, no way, this is a scam, but I read what you guys posted and well, I think its super hot that you can do this.

    Thank you,

  • tajo Nov 10

    Hi Oreita and thanks for the warm words! The free version of Edicy is possible thanks to our evergrowing pool of Edicy Pro users who benefit from dedicated support and many extra features added weekly.

  • Roshima Laken Jul 06

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