So we made it. As of today 100,000 websites have been created with Edicy. To accommodate the fact we had to add a digit to the counter on our front page - and in the process also ended up giving it a facelift. We decided to give the 100 000th user, our very own Märt Kelder a gift - a voucher for Edicy Pro for a whole year. We can't confirm this, but it might be the first time when the words: "Congratulations! You are the 100,000... user of our site! You have won..." actually are not a false promise.
Edicy 100,000 pages strong!We want to thank all our other users as well. Many of you have been extraordinarily helpful - giving feedback and suggesting features that would make Edicy even better. Thank you for sticking with us! We are especially grateful to our Pro users that have worked through the start-up-y phase of our development. 

It took us a year and a couple of month since launching in July 08 to reach this milestone. And of course we are aware that there is still a steep mountain to climb to reach our goal. There are quite a few very exciting improvements to Edicy in the pipeline and we hope to bring you news of them soon. This week we released three new designs, several bug fixes, a new home page and this is only the start.

The next celebration is going to be 1,000,000.

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  • rasmus Oct 08

    you are funny guys.
    congrats to mr. kelder!

  • Jaanus Oct 08

    should also have a link to the 100000th site :) congrats Kelder!

  • Silver Oct 08

    Congrats :)

  • märt Oct 09

    congrats team!

    I reckon I was a little selfish grabbing the nice account in front of our beloved userbase.
    I can only assure you that I wasn't cheating and just got very-very lucky :)

    I thought this site is worth dedicating to the team behind edicy:

    btw, took me about 45 seconds to create the site

  • Tõnu Oct 10

    Thanks everyone! We are back from partying and rushing forward with everything edicy. We have a million to catch.

  • George Oct 13

    i take it you are the backbone behind edicy. I have a question pertaining to a website someone set up for us through your company, which will expire this November 14. We'd like to renew it, but aren't sure how, and can't seem to get in touch with the person who set it up. also, more importantly, the original address has been changed without our knowledge and so probably no one is able to find our site due to this. is it legal to do this without the knowledge of the people the site was set up for?

  • Katriin Oct 14

    Hi George, we will contact you personally by e-mail and we will find a solution to your problem.

  • norvell Oct 20

    I am going to sign up and I want my partner to create this wib page with you. It is for our housing program a division of God's lil Cleaners. How do we do that? Do I pay first or do I let her pay and design it with my permission and approval.she has all of our paper work and can design it to fit our needs with your help. Also can we edit it as needed?

  • Tõnu Oct 20

    Norvell, good to hear! Just sign up from Edicy front page and start building your site. Or let her do it. Either of you two can edit and add content yourself, it's really easy. You can pay anytime from within your account.

  • Roshima Laken Jul 06

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