So you have this "Edicy page", but really missing a feature or two? We know you have your page but always don't know what you find essential and it's just not there yet. Here are some clues how to send us your ideas, feature requests, bug reports and even season greetings.
First, there is a uservoice account which is all about feature requests. It is very interesting to see what has been requested by others in the community and you can participate by submitting new ideas or vote for existing ones. We'll constantly keep an eye on these ideas and give feedback on which of them are planned, in progress or completed. Don't be very sad if we reject some of these requests though, and we'll sure try to give you an explanation why.

Another great way to ask for help, send ideas or problem reports is through Get Satisfaction page where our employees and other Edicy users are actively participating. Or, if you're an experienced Edicy user, just share your knowledge in there.

E-mails to are also very much appreciated. So feel free to send us your feedback.

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  • blues Jul 10

    I had been using blogger and wordpress free blog until i came to china. In china both of two sites are banned. Now i need to find another free blog where i can use google adsense too. But i didnt find anthing about it in this site. No doubt it's a nice site.

  • Tanel Jul 13

    Hello! Edicy have a built-in blog functionality. You can read more about it from our support section: .

    Adding a AdSense is possible but a little bit harder at the moment - you have to customize your design and insert your AdSense code directly into your blog layout ( If you need more information then feel free to contact with us by email:

  • Roshima Laken Jul 06

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