In Edicy, all the changes will be automatically and continuously saved but to show these changes to public, they need to be published because sometimes you don't want to show the working drafts to the site visitors. Until now, publishing content was little bit confusing. We did our changes in Edicy, logged out and, boom, everything was gone. What!? Oh, you had to press publish button before logging out... It had to be changed.

Meet auto-publishing

While surfing around your site, doing some spel checknig or other minor changes in text, these changes will now be published automatically and are visible to public site visitors immediately.

When you start off with new page or blog post, publishing will switch off automatically so there is enough time to write draft and review everything. When you're done, turn publishing on for this page and new content will appear on public site.

"But... I don't want to publish"

Want to keep it for yourself? No problem. Hit the publishing button so it appears in orange (OFF) state and it will remain so for the rest of the editing session.

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  • BRASIU Mar 18

    Unfortunally it doesn't work for me.It works as pubblishing was ever on. And when i logged in start always from pubblishing on. Maybe it's better the contrary. Sorry for the terrible english

  • Andrew Mar 18


  • umar Mar 20

    start websit

  • Tanel Mar 20

    Hello Brasiu! Can you send an e-mail to us at Then we can take a closer look at your case!

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  • 1 Oct 27


  • 1 Oct 27


  • 1 Oct 27


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