Edicy has grown to host more than 150 000 people. It's a large gathering considered the size of our team -- 9 souls. What would happen if this crowd got stuck with Edicy concurrently? They'd turn to those 9 to ask for assistance.
Fortunately Edicy is so simple that most of the users have built their sites completely on their own. If someone needs assistance, they usually turn to Edicy FAQ first. But we still get up to 50 support requests a day. And it's growing, no matter how much we fine tune the usability. Therefore we've built a community support forum.

It has existed for some time in stealth mode, now it's ripe enough to bring it out to light.

We'll be replacing more and more email support with communication through forum. It will be something like "infrequently asked questions". We'll be there waiting for your questions with the whole team. The upside -- compared to the e-mail based support -- is the public knowledge base that begins to form. Instead of giving answers in private messages, they'll be available for everyone publicly.

In the near future, another upside will pop up. The community of Edicy supporters -- which is already forming at our Facebook page -- will get an additional playground to both discuss feature requests and help out the newcomers.

Say hello to the Edicy forum!

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