The domains purchased from Edicy usually last a year or two, depending on the chosen period when purchasing it. If your domain is about to expire, it needs to be renewed or someone else will get the rights for your domain. We just made it easy for you to add extra years to domain's lifetime.
To renew domains, just go to "Site > Addresses" section on your site admin area. You'll see "Extend" link next to these domains that can be renewed. This link will direct to Edicy Store where extending the period is just as easy as buying a bottle of milk from the local grocery store.

You don't need to visit the addresses section every day to check when the domains will be due. We will keep an eye on it and send you a notification e-mail when the right time is about to come.

And once again, please note that this applies only to site owners who have purchased a domain through Edicy. If you have purchased domain at some other registrant, it must be also renewed from there.

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