We've added a couple of fresh, beautiful options to our selection of Edicy design themes. All Pro users can start using these right away.

First, greetings to all our friends in Belgium! Here's a new design by me dedicated to Brugge (Bruges):

Brugge (Bruges) design theme

Secondly, a joint effort by me and Tajo, a design celebrating the "city of angels", Bangkok (กรุงเทพมหานคร):

Bangkok design theme

As a third newcomer, let me introduce a truly minimalistic, blog-oriented feat by Tõnu — Tokyo (東京):

Tokyo design theme

Now that's not all actually. As a bonus, I've updated the good old Stockholm theme by Tõnu. Since we launched it a couple of years ago, web technology has evolved a lot. It now gives us more options to let the design shine around the content. Enjoy:

Stockholm design theme

Oh and here's a bonus to the bonus. An alternative version of the renewed Stockholm, the Stockholm North:

Stockholm North design theme

More beautiful designs are already in the making. Can't wait to show those too!

Replies to this post

  • olga Jan 12

    Hi there!
    I really like the North Stockholm design but I want to ask if I can change the background color and how, and how much flexibility in terms of change of design I would have with this template.

    Thank you!


  • Rait Feb 01

    Hi Olga- send us an e-mail to support@edicy, where you specify your wish: exact colour etc, and we will see what can be done :)

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