If you want to see the first ever screencast of Edicy in action - complete with soothing music and accented voice-over - check out our brand new tour page. The video is at the top on right hand side.
Frankly, making the video turned out to be a bit of a bigger hassle than we originally invisioned. But now that we have video making powers in our hands feel free to tell us if there is any other information that you'd enjoy seeing in video form, like for example tutorials on using some of the more advanced facets of Edicy. You can e-mail your wishes to me or leave them in the comments below.

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  • Indrek Jun 16

    Väga hea ülesehitusega video. Kõik oluline on lihtsalt ja konkreetselt ära öeldud ilma liigse reklaamimulata.
    Samas see video viltukallutamine ei tundu just parim idee olema ja mina ise küll fännan konarlikku põhjamaade aktsenti aga paljudele inglise keelt emakeelena rääkijatele võib see ehk eemalepeletav olla.
    Jaksu Teile. Edicy on parim sisuhaldus igal juhul.

  • Jaanus Jun 17

    Tõesti kummaline, et video maru väike ja viltu, nii et UI-d pole tegelikult üldse näha. Seetõttu ei viitsinud ka 10 sekundist edasi vaadata. Muusikal ja tekstil pole viga.

  • Kajar Jun 17

    Tänud, see voice talent oli üks paras diiva, aga ma pigistasin temast (või noh, endast) siiski enam-vähem lugemise välja. Aga me arutame siin ka, et teema video ehk ka suurendatavas versioonis kättesaadavaks.

  • Archi Jun 17

    Great idea! But is it possible to open in a larger window? It's difficult to see the details.

  • Kajar Jun 18

    Don't worry, Archi, a larger video is on it's way!

  • edvard Jun 23

    thnx, full screen button is cool. the quality could be a lot better – does it have to do with cross-platform compatibility or perhaps the HD version is on it's way too, Kajar? ;)

    I would ask native speakers to voulunteer for the dubbing of the text in order to make the experience more native or so.

  • Roshima Laken Jul 06

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