Edicy is loved by users because of its simplicity. We talk about our simple and lightweight user experience quite a lot ourselves. It fits our image, it is what we want to be.

But thereby the other half of the truth remains unnoticed — in addition to being the simplest tool out there to edit websites, Edicy is a powerful platform. You can build almost any kind of website with any kind of design upon it. It's easy to use, flexible to develop.

Some of the recent exceptional websites running on Edicy

Estonian Shores
Estonian Shores is a website where Edicy, Google Maps and a small separate application are integrated into a single exciting website. It is not just beautiful and useful, it's as easy for anyone to edit as any standard site on Edicy.
Landing at
Landing at is a cool analytics application which lives its separate life. But the website promoting it is built entirely on Edicy. Playful, easy to understand and of course, easy to edit.

Varul Law Office
Varul is a leading law office in the Baltics. It's conservative but modern looking website has among hundreds of static pages also three different databases, interwoven with each other. Oh, and it's all available in 5 different languages sharing the same site structure.

Starman is one of the largest telecom companies in Estonia. They have loads of different systems and tools, some of which are accessible also from the web. For the visitor, a single welcoming and lively front is built upon Edicy.

Edicy Partners page
Did you know that this very same Edicy website is also built on Edicy? Yep — 16 language versions, tens of databases connected to each other, beautiful design. Easy to edit and "awarded" with Google PageRank 7.

Here are more featured sites for your pleasure.

How to reach similar heights?

Most of the websites you see day by day could have been built with Edicy. Many of them already are.

A growing number of designers and developers choose Edicy for building websites for their customers. A website on Edicy can be customized layer by layer, keeping all the difficult parts away from the end user:

  • Standard design not enough? Any design can be used on any Edicy website.
  • Static pages not enough? You can build product catalogs and other databases with our catalog tool.
  • Want to use "widgets"? Need to show content from other systems? Any web service that gives out standardized data can be connected to any Edicy website.

Are you a site owner? Find a suitable agency to help you from our partner list or take contact with us. Are you a developer? Let us teach you more about Edicy.

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