We've just made Edicy a much better marketing tool. Starting today, all paid accounts have a full blown LIVE statistics engine. Yep, real-time analytics. Someone visits your site and it appears as a dot on the map. Like a heartbeat.

Edicy Statistics Engine.

It breaks down sources of traffic — direct, search engines, social media, referring links. It shows which content gets how many eyeballs. It knows which search terms brought the visitors, which browsers and platforms they use, what countries they came from. And it allows you to see visits as they happen, live on the map.

In addition to this advanced built-in tool, Edicy supports integration with most common external metrics engines too — Google Analytics, Chartbeat, Compete etc.

Log in and see for yourself.

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  • High Praises Worship Oct 11

    Edicy's just fantastic: Premium Customer Service, working site. I just love your work, guys! Ka

  • Tõnu Oct 12

    Hey — thanks, Ka! :)

  • Thomas Oct 12

    In one hour's time, I will bring my dog to the vets. She reach the end of life and we will turn the page there.

    And now, your LIVE stats tells me "0 visitors on my website now"...
    So distressing...

    Anyway. Thanks for the stats. Looks great and, as always, nice design.
    And we'll have another dog soon, hopefully.

  • Tõnu Oct 12

    Thomas, you are breaking my heart! Let's make a flashmob on your site on your selected time! :)

  • Roshima Laken Jul 06

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  • HANS Oct 01

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