With Edicy Pro, you can publish your site built with Edicy to any web address. There are no limits, both international (www.myname.com) or local (www.myname.de or .fr / .cn / .co.uk etc) addresses are welcome. Free users remain on edicypages.com style addresses.

It’s time to celebrate!

Edicy Pro costs as little as €6 per month. Though, as a bonus to celebrate this launch, we’re offering the first 1000 users up to a 50% discount off the regular price.

Choose your timeframe

You can choose between three subscription periods of Edicy Pro. The longer the period, the bigger the discount:

  • 6 months for €60 (€10 a month)
  • 1 year for €96 (€8 a month)
  • 2 years for €144 (€6 a month)

As mentioned before, all the prices are even lower for the first 1000 Pro users—respectively €5, €4.50, €4 for 6 months, a year and for two years. Yes, a mere €4 per month for a ready made fully functional website.

Pay with a credit card

You can pay for an Edicy Pro account with your ordinary credit card. All the payments are currently processed through Paypal. It works well both if you have a PayPal account or even if you don’t have one.

How to upgrade to Pro?

Becoming a Pro is easy. Log into your Edicy account and click the WWW icon in the Site menu. Choose your address and confirm it. In the bottom of the address list view, you’ll find the Checkout with PayPal button. Click it and the rest is there.

What next?

Currently we offer publishing only to your already existing domains. We are working on the next phase now. Soon you’ll be able to register a new domain through Edicy. Until then—when you need support with pointing your existing domain to Edicy or registering a new one yourself—let us know. Contact us through Skype chat or support@edicy.com. We would be glad to help you!

Replies to this post

  • sven Aug 29

    First, a recommendation - please, put up a "FAQ" or "Prices" or something to top level menu. Looking for service prices from blog entry is not too professional.

    And also, please explain your long term plans in that FAQ page. People who decide to start a web page with your product are making a commitment for at least several years.

    What are most important features that will always be free? What features can we expect to see in a year or so? Are you planning to sell Edicy to some internet ACME or continue independently?

    I would really like to know more before I make a decision.

  • sven Aug 29

    Damn, there is a support page which includes prices! My bad. It only mentions €8 price, though.

    But still, other questions are just as important.

  • Andres Aug 29

    Thanks Sven Your comments are correct, this is important information. We'll work on making the pricing and feature set more transparent to our users from the main site.

  • Reinkort Sep 10

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