The main idea behind Edicy has always been to simplify the process of website creation. Choose a beautiful design, write a few paragraphs about your company, upload some photos, publish and voila! - you're done. All that in just a few minutes. Today we made this process even simpler.

AWC saved my day!Let us introduce the AutomaticWebCreator™ - an automated crawler that gathers everything about your company on the web and merges the information into one website. Someone tweets about your company? AWC will pick it up! There's a discussion about your new product on Facebook? AWC will find it and put it right there on the front page under breaking news. Anything Google can turn up is right there on your website in seconds! All you have to do is to kick back, relax and see your website build itself

Of course, simple and dull text alone would not make a very professional-looking website. Therefore AWC will analyze everything written on your website and fetch relevant stock photography

There is not enough information about your company on the internet? Don't worry, AWC will copy text and images from companies similar to yours, while replacing names and logos. 

AutomaticWebCreator™ is still in beta and not yet available for all users. If you'd like to receive a personal invite, feel free to contact us:

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  • Tõnu Apr 01

    Finally! What took us so long?

  • Sokid Apr 01

    Mul on oma autopesula, aga meie kohta on päris mitu kaebust olnud - mul üks mees kriibib alati autod pestes veits ära, vahel väiksed värvikriimud, ükskord olid aknaklaasi peal suured kriipsud! Ma olen talle öelnud, et ta võiks oma käevõrud pesemise ajaks ära võtta, aga ei! Ja üks peseb nii, et põhimõttselt auto oli enne puhtam kui pärast pesulast tulekut. Kliendid muidugi kirjutavad igast saasta meie kohta igal pool. Kas need asjad siis ka tulevad mu kodukale? Aga ma ei taha! Pean vist loobuma Edicyt kasutamast, kui teil sellised uuendused seal on!

  • Tõnu Apr 01

    Sokid -- päris hea. Ma nii head polekski oodanud!

  • Edicy Apr 05

    Yes, it was April's Fool Day news. Go to the blog listing and dig out the posts from previous year's April 1st too.

  • markeff Apr 11

    That was a good one :D
    I fell for it and googled it.

  • Roshima Laken Jul 06

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