A number of custom designed websites on Edicy use our "secret catalogue tool". It's a tool that dynamically builds pages for your website from pieces of data stored in a database. Huh? For example, you can add a searchable and sortable product listing to your company website with it. Still too abstract explanation?

Edicy catalogue tool

A good example of the catalogue tool in action is seen at Varul law office website — people, practice areas and publications are connected to each other. So when the editors mark "banking law" checked on the profile of a new lawyer, her name also pops up on the banking law page and related search results automatically.

People listing with Edicy

Our catalogue tool isn't ready for mass use yet — it still needs setting up for each website manually. Otherwise it remains too abstract. But from now on it's previewed in the Settings submenu (only in full admin view for now) of all paid accounts. So anyone interested in tuning his or her website into a more powerful content publishing machine can contact and ask us for a demo.

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    Very nice tutorial. Usefull for me. Thank You!

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