This is the first in a series of post discussing how to better use Edicy

As we've written before, Edicy speaks more than 10 languages and is looking to add more. But what if you want to create a website that would support as many languages or more? Edicy makes it easy, we have built in support for as many languages as you need.
First you create your website in one language: insert content, build up the menu etc. When you're done you can add a language either on your site's language menu or from the site organizer in 'site' full view.

add languages to Edicy

When you add a language Edicy automatically creates the pages that exist in the original language for the new language as well. Now when you go to the full Site you can see from the site organiser the pages in the new language. The pages not yet translated appear in grey.

new language - translate pages 

Of course you still have to translate the content of the site yourself - Edicy isn't yet smart enough to do that for you.

This set-up allows the visitors of your page to change the language of a page in the middle of browsing and still remain on the same page they started from. You can try it on our site - go to the Tour section and select different languages from the language bar.

If the page doesn't exist in the selected language you will end up on the front page of the site for that language. For example if you try to change the language of this blog, you'll end up at, because this post is only there in English.

Another cool thing that the multi language platform allows you to do is language detection. If you come to a page running on Edicy for the first time, it will look at your browser's language settings and your location to determine what language to present the page to you. And if you change the language return from the same IP address the page will have remembered your settings. So hopefully that will present you and your visitors with the best available language on the page.

You can read more about how languages work in Edicy in our language FAQ.

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