Today we're happy to announce form builder in Edicy. Now you can create forms with ease to gather user's feedback. And everything happens right where it should -- directly on page. Along with other minor improvements, this week's release also brings us fresh new design template called Daejeon.
To get going, just create a new form (or use the form you already have) in desired content area and start adding fields onto it. We added a new form toolbar where all sorts of form fields can be picked, such as checkboxes, radiobuttons, select fields, etc. Once you've added the fields, their properties can be edited in widget that pops up when you click on a field area.

To rearrange or delete form fields, move the mouse cursor over the left side of field area and buttons to perform these actions will appear -- just like they do with content areas.

Gather the feedback

Edicy had this one before, but just to remind you -- all submitted forms appear as tickets on the tickets screen site admin area. There you can browse individual tickets or download them all together in CSV format.

Complete release notes

  • Revamped photo editor. We polished the user interface and fixed number of issues related to crop and resize functions. Also, now you can always revert back to the original copy of the image.
  • Added new Daejeon design template
  • Added keyboard shortcut to trigger save -- use Ctrl+S on a PC or Command+S on Mac
  • Table tool now creates tables with the 100% width by default because it is the most common use case when creating tables. Width can be always changed from table options widget.
  • Improved Google Webmaster Tools verification handling
  • Fixed minor issues with sitemap.xml and robots.txt files
  • Fixed issues with blog article comment forms

Replies to this post

  • Henn Apr 15

    See on väga tore uuendus, tänud! Kas kunagi selline võimalus ka tuleb, et blogipostituse sees saab sisualasid juurde panna, muuta jms, mis mujal juba toimib?

  • Tõnu Apr 15

    Väga mõistlik idee -- tore oleks blogipostile panna kaasa galeriid ning kommentaaridki on omamoodi vorm. Paneme mõtte tuleviku tarbeks kõrva taha.

  • Brasiu Apr 16

    How i can use the Google Webmaster Tools verification. I tried but i can only install the "conversion script" i miss the "control" the "trackin" and the "Page Section" scripts. Thanks

  • Brasiu Apr 16

    Oh i find the guide sorry. I have to check in the account details from edicy.
    Thanks again

  • Roshima Laken Jul 06

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